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My mum is still up with us, it was only meant to be for one week but now she’s up for a second and me and my mum tend to go to a lot of coffee shops etc and it’s costing me so much!  I’m going to have to give my husband the bank card!

So, weigh-in number 5.  I’m actually feeling heavier, maybe because it’s my ‘Star Week’ aka ‘Aunt Flow’ 😉

I’ve been good by not having obvious fatty foods, but I’ve not really been counting my Syns so either I’ve put on weight or maintained perhaps.

START WEIGHT: (11/06/2012) 16st 1lb

TODAY’S WEIGHT: 15st 5lbs (Lost 5lbs) 😀


Woo hoo, I’m so shocked and happy about it, AND I’ve got my first ‘Bling’!!

Not only have I reached my half stone, but I’ve Sped past it!  I only have another 4lbs to go until I have lost a stone!

Didn’t get slimmers of the week though 😥  I don’t know how they calculate it, I thought it depended on how much people lost, that the one who has lost the most that week is the one who gets slimmer of the week.
Never mind 🙂 I’m so happy about what I’ve achieved 😀