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I’ve had a Butternut Squash in my Fridge for a couple of days and so I needed to use it (OK, more than a couple of days) so I made a very yummy soup with it and it’s syn free.

1 Butternut Squash, chopped (Mind those fingers when cutting it)
3 Peppers (Red, Yellow, White etc, doesn’t matter)
1 pint of Vegetable Stock

Cut up the Butternut Squash into cubes and slices the peppers and place them on a tray and roast in the over until soft, the peppers skins will go black but this is fine!  I put them in at Gas Mark 5.
I didn’t cover them in oil or Fry light and they worked fine.  You could probably put a  load of herbs in their too to add a bit more flavour and aroma 🙂

 Put all the Roasted Squash and peppers in a big bowl, add the stock and blitz!

It’s as simple as that, all done 🙂

As more or less stock to suit your desires, this makes it thick but not too thick.

You could then freeze if you wanted to 🙂