Decided as the kids had been doing so well at school and their school reports were fantastic that we would treat them.  We decided to take them to see ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Movie.

The film is fantastic!  I had thought that it was a carry on from the old ones but it’s not.  Not too impressed with the web bit though (You’ll know what I mean when you watch it).

After the film we treated them to the Rope Walk Pub (Full review on that will be on my other Blog.

So I’ve eaten things again that I shouldn’t have but I’m not too upset with myself (Even though I probably should).  I’m experimenting lol.  Most weeks I’ve had a bit of a blip where I’ve eaten things I shouldn’t yet I’ve still lost 2/3lbs etc then one week I was so good, didn’t go over my Syns at all and I only lost 1lb which I was upset with because I thought it would have been a lot more.

It’s been a nice family day though with hubby, kids and my mum.