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Every time my mum comes up we always head over the the Keys Restaurant for a lunch during the week.  It is lovely in there and the food is so lovely!
I believe the Keys have a Michelin Star Chef (Sure I read it when I was there last time).

My mum calls it ‘The Krypt’ as it’s under the Parish Church in Huddersfield.  It’s nice and quiet in there.

I had phoned up and booked a table for me and my mum for lunch and as I had a Taste Card, it meant I could go there and the food was 2 for 1, happy days!

The staff there are always nice and polite, the Manager and Manageress (I’m assuming they are managers) are fantastic and easy to talk to.

We ordered our coffees and decided this time we would have a Started AND a Main (Normally we would only have the Main, but hey, I’m on a diet and it’s there to be broken 😉 – joking).
We both ordered the Eggs Benedict (I ate some before I took the Picture): and the Roast Salmon with leak, runner beans, prawns and a lovely Cheesy Potato Croquette:  

They were both so lovely but I really loved the Eggs Benedict and I was so shocked that my mum had never had it before!  She loved it so much that we went home and made it for dinner (Large Lunch, small dinner).  It was lovely but our homemade hollandaise sauce was a disaster!  It basically tasted only of butter.  I also wasn’t going to have it a second time round as I’m over my Syns for the day.  I find out later that White Muffins are 6/7 syns EACH!  Shocking!  Luckily I didn’t eat many syns yesterday so I think I’ve just about got away with it.

I never asked them if they could cook my food in a certain way but I’m assuming they probably would as all food is made on order.

Taking the kiddies off to watch Spiderman sometime this week so much make sure I stock up on healthy foods so I don’t do too much damage to the diet!

Anyone who lives in Huddersfield, please go to the Keys Resturant!  It’s under the Parish Church in town.  The Special Menu’s Main meal is around £10 per dish, I personally think it’s worth it.  Plus with a Taste card it’s 2 for 1 as long as you remmeber to book up and reserve and table and let them know.

Free 1 month Trial Tastecard: http://www.tastecard.co.uk/

The Keys Restaurant:  http://www.keysrestaurant.com/index.html