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Hello Blog and followers!  I’ve not forgotten about you or the diet, just a bit of a hectic week and I haven’t been very strict this week.

I’ve planned for my sister and brother-in-law to come up for my husbands birthday (6th July 2012) and I was attempting to be really good and have no syns until they were up on the Thursday (5th) but that didn’t happen.  I did stay within my syns until the Thursday, and I’m thankful I did some exercise through walking.

Thursdays breakfast was something….I can’t remember lol.  Basically from Thursday through to Saturday night I wasn’t being good.
I had baked Daron a Chocolate Fudge Cake for his birthday and that obviously HAD to be sampled by myself 😉
It was LOVELY!  Heavenly!  It was so damn nice and I had a slice…or two/three during the weekend – may have been more :/

Friday we went to Leeds to a Chinese Buffet called OBM and although the price was good, I wouldn’t go again.  It was nice but I’ve been to better places with more of a selection of things.  I had 2 small plates and a bowl of ice-cream and cake which is really good for me as I tend to eat much more than that at buffets.

After our meal we went back to Huddersfield and spent a couple of hours at Wetherspoons and so the alcohol is high in Syns (2 Bottles or Smirnoff Ice, 1 Jagermister and red bull, 1 bottle of some kind of tequila beer)
We later went to Tokyo club and had 2 Vodka and diet cokes and a mysterious glowing red liquid from a bottle that tasted of sugar with a hint of cherry.

Saturday morning we had a ‘grill-up’, but I had some black pudding so I’m sure that’s a high amount of Syns there too.  Lunch was a cheese and ham toastie and dinner was a takeaway with bacardi breezers.

Sunday I’m back to normal!  Finally!

Must have put on a few pounds.  I was worried about it at first but now I’m not.  I’ve had a good time with family and I’m back on my diet and not giving it up.  As long as I expect the gain, I can’t be unhappy!  It’s my own doing, no one elses.  I predict 4lbs gain.
I’m writing this AFTER my weigh-in so I’m writing my prediction late….if that makes sense lol.  I’ve said all weekend I must have gained about 4lbs, although I should look at gaining ALL my loss since dieting lol. (6lbs).