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Yay, my mum is up to visit for the week 🙂

Had my sister and brother-in-law up from Thursday-Sunday and now my mum from Sunday to next weekend.
My mum is watching what she eats but she’s not following any kind of plan at this moment.  She’s already lost half a stone I think.

I think my mum is amazed at how much we are allowed to eat, she caught me having seconds for dinner and was shocked that I could eat as much as I wanted (Until full) as long as it was free, whereas my mum has to watch portion sizes.

Tomorrow we are out, walking to Morrisons so I can show her the lovely fruit and veg section (I know, I have no life that I get excited about this) and then we will walk into town and have lunch out I think.
Might go to the Keys (The Krypt as Mum calls it – It’s under the Church in town).  Their food is lovely!  It’s a bit more expensive but totally worth it!  They also cook on order so I should be able to ask for things to be grilled or dry fried or something.

We are planning to all go out to the cinema to watch the new Spiderman Movie and our son LOVES Spiderman!  My problem with this is the popcorn!  I’m not very good at avoiding the Popcorn que.  I LOVE Salted popcorn.  I’m going to have to research and just make myself a huge pot of chopped fruits like melons, pineapple etc.  I think as long as I am eating something then I should be ok.  I might allow a few syns and grab a small pack of crisps or something from the shop and filling myself up on water.

Don’t know what else we have planned.  Was thinking about swimming but not sure if we will be or not, and we could do some walking which I LOVE to do and my mum really enjoys it too.