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So The Sun newspaper has announced that Chillies can help aid weight loss….erm, don’t we all already know this or am I a clairvoyant? lol.

Chilli peppers can aid weight loss as the Capsaicin in the chillies trigger an adrenalin rush.  They burn away fat but they also suppress our hunger meaning we are less likely to eat more, to be honest, if my mouth is on fire there is really no point in eating anything else as I can’t taste a blooming thing lol.
The Capsaicin boosts our metabolism.

The heat in the Chillies (The Capsaicin) seemed to burn more fat on the belly, maybe  because our intestines are melting away by all of us drinking bottles of hot chilli sauce in the hope to shift some pounds 😉

Mr Whiting, who is based at Manchester Metropolitan University, said: “If you eat chillies consistently for a good period of time, it will help you lose weight.”

I LOVE spicy foods so I can do this and the only reason I don’t eat as much chillies is because my husband and our children don’t like them.  Looks like I’m making two dishes each day.

The reason for the newspaper article is that it’s the first time the three-fold effect has been confirmed.  (Burn fat, suppress hunger and boost overall calorie-burning rates.)