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Today’s Food and Fitness Diary:


HEALTHY B:  2 Slices of Warburton Wholemeal Bread (400g Pack)

BREAKFAST:  Homemade Spicy Tomato Soup – not a proper breakfast but I’m running out of food in the house lol.

LUNCH:  Healthy B Option (2xWholemeal Bread) and 2x Low Fat Sausages (2 Syns Each)

DINNER:  1 Chicken Fillet with lemon & Herb and 30g Roquefort Cheese (5.5 Syns – Estimated, All I know is that it is 4.5 Syns for 25g), Batchelors Rice




Cleaning!  All I seem to be doing lately.  Going to drag the kids out for another short walk I think.  Would it look weird if I rode a kids scooter around the block like the kids are doing?  lol.  We were all so active when we were kids and never seemed to get tired!  Why do we get tired as a teen/adult?

EDIT:  Went for a walk with the kids and hubby, Daron introduced the kids to climbing up trees so they had a lot of fun doing that.  Walked for about 40 minutes at a casual pace.

TOTAL MINS/HOURS FITNESS:  40 Minutes plus House Cleaning.

SUPERFREE FOODS (Such as Fruits and Veggies).  FREE FOODS (Such as Meats and Fish).  FREE FOODS (Such as Potatoes, Pasta & Rice).  OTHER FREE FOODS (Such as Fat Free Yogurts, Fat Free dressings etc).  SYNS (All the bad foods.  Up to 15 Syns per day).