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So I’ve been run off my feet today, I’ve walked for approximately 5 hours walking into town and walking around it etc.  Did sit down twice for about 15 minutes to grab a bite to eat and a coffee.

I love walking, and I love it more when I’m with my husband, he keeps me entertained lol.

Did a bit of shopping for some fruit and then the outdoor market.  I was already dressed in my gym clothes as I’m going to buy my months pass today.

I did eat a Thorntons Ice-cream (Brazil nut crunch) and it was lovely but Must be high in Syns.  I can’t find how many Syns but the Chocolate one is 13 Syns for 100g which is approx one scoop I think.  So I’ve probably gone over lol.

I went off to pay for my months Gym membership to find out that it hadn’t been sorted out for me, luckily my Instructor person was in and let me through free of charge today as he will be processing it tomorrow.

I’ve done the following:

Cycle Machine:  30 Minutes

Inner Thigh Strength Machine:  100 Reps at 20kg (30 Second rest every 20 Reps)

Outer Thigh Strength Machine:  60 Reps at 40kg (30 second rest every 20 Reps)

Shoulder Press:  20 Reps at 5kg (I’m so weak lol)

Then I walked most of the way home (Approx 1 mile) and when I got in my daughter wanted to go for a run so we went for a quick run outside.  It seems I’m fitter than my 8 year old daughter which is lovely for me, but not nice for her.  Think I will take her out for a run more often.  She kept wanting to stop and was knackered.  We then ran up a load of steep steps (Kilner Bank for those of you who live in Huddersfield).
Very proud of myself 🙂

A well deserve soak in the bath and I’m not aching….yet.  Although my head is hurting and so I probably need more fluids.