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So I got weighed this morning, I was extremely excited as I’ve had such a fantastic week and not gone over my syns (One day I did but I ‘borrowed’ syns from the previous day and I’ve been told that this is allowed).

I’ve done my walking but not as much as I have done on other weeks, but I think I’ve done enough.

START WEIGHT:  (11/06/2012) 16st 1lb

TODAY’S WEIGHT:  15st 9lbs  (Lost 1lb)


OK, now it’s great that I’ve lost something, but it’s so close to ‘maintaining’ that I’m a bit saddened about it.  I’ve been so good this week with my food and syns and so I can’t see where I have gone wrong, surely I should have had more of a loss?

I’ve been thinking about it more and I’m wondering if it’s because I’ve not eaten as much this week.  Out food shop didn’t last as long as I’d have wanted it to so I’ve not been snacking as much during the day.

Just done another shop and I still don’t think I’ve bought enough, need to buy some bits and bobs from the market.  Think I’m going to go twice a week now, not only does that mean I can stock up again but it means I will be walking into town and getting more exercise.

A loss is a loss 🙂