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As a child (In my day lol) we always went out, as soon as we were awake we went off and had to be home when the street lights came on.  Nowadays kids are on their computers, mobile phones etc and my kids are no exception.

Our son has an unhealthy addiction to the computer which I’ve now had to put a time limit on as it’s not right.  He should be outside playing or building and smashing blocks etc.
My daughter is 8 going on 14 with all the temper tantrums, slamming of doors and answering back.

One thing I can’t understand is when they do play out they can be out all day just riding around and around on scooters and bikes etc and they don’t get knackered! Come to think of it, I never got knackered as a child.  So why do we get tired now? If only I can be at the Gym for 8 hours a day and not be knackered lol.