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So, I can be a bit obsessive with cleaning and perfection and I do have days when I’m ‘normal’ like everyone else.

I’m very open now with the fact I have suffered depression and that I’m still on tablets. When on the tablets I find I’m not so obsessed with things, however, if I don’t take them then I become a freak.

It’s 1.20am and I’ve been awake for 19 hours and most of that I’ve been cleaning the house. I know it wasn’t even that messy but I find little things.

A friend came round earlier and I opened my fridge to get the milk and suddenly felt a bit embarrassed, everything in the fridge was perfectly set, all labels facing forward etc and all I could think of was the movie ‘sleeping with the enemy’ lol

I come up to bed at midnight after doing some clothes, I’m shattered, can’t wait to jump into bed…..but I see the fish tank…..WHY did I look at the fish tank!?
I know I won’t be able to sleep now until I’ve cleaned it, I would be lying in bed thinking about it.
One hour later I’ve finished cleaning it but then I pack some clothes away.

Hubby is getting fed up now lol.  He wishes I had tablets that made me clean during daytime hours only lol.
I’m in bed now and I’m just thinking about bits and bobs that need to be moved, cleared, straightened etc.

It’s all good exercise though lol