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Bought a new food steamer and think I should divorce my husband, they both make me happy, they both do what I tell them to do 😉 but it’s the steamer that’s won slightly as it’s the one helping me lose weight lol 😛

My husband has a habit of buying in all the foods I’m not allowed.  He doesn’t do it on purpose to sabotage my diet, he likes his food and buys all the foods he knows he’s not allowed.  His reasons are because he doesn’t eat much at work (He’s a chef) so he doesn’t see what he’s doing.

I’ve managed to get him to follow the slimming world diet with me and although he’s keen to lose weight, he hasn’t really got that push and I can only help him so far – I can’t MAKE him change his eating habits.

Anyway, back to my lovely Food Steamer, my advice to everyone is to get one!  Not only do your vegetable taste SO much better (Sweeter I think) but it’s completely healthy, no oils needed.
You can use it to cook Vegetables, Rice, Meat & Fish.  I LOVE cooking fish in it too as I can see it and can take it out before I overcook it – Although the one I’ve bought doesn’t have a bell/ding on it so I’ve no idea when it’s finished!

I’m trying to sort out meals that use the steamer only lol.