5 scan bran  (Cake Syn free if using 5 Scan Brans as part of your Healthy Extra B)
3 eggs
half cup of sweetener
1-2 teaspoons of coffee (Make as strong or weak as you want)
3 tablespoons quark
1 tablespoon sweetener
1 teaspoon coffee mixed with tiny bit of hot water just to dissolve
Soak scan bran in boiling water till soft, then drain and mash
Whisk eggs, sweetener & coffee together in a bowl
Add the mashed scan bran and pour into microwave dish/bowl ( 2 chinese takeaway tubs would be fine)
Cook in microwave for about 7 mins, (or about 4 mins each if cooking each cake separate)
Put 3 tablespoons quark & sweetener in bowl and mix till blended,
Dissolve coffee in tiny bit of hot water
Add to the quark mixture & mix till all coffee is blended
Spread onto cake once cooled

(Found this from another blogger.)

SYN free if using scan bran as your Healthy B.  Otherwise the Syn count will be 5 Syns for the ENTIRE cake 🙂