Went off to town this morning with my husband after the school run.  I had a dreaded dentist appointment but had some time to spare so we decided to go and grab something to eat.
Ended up in Yates and ended up leaving a bit disappointed.  On the Breakfast menu most things are cooked in oil and so there wasn’t much of a choice for me.

I decided I would have the Bacon Sandwich and use the bread towards my Syn count.  I asked how it was cooked and was told that they cooked it on a hot plate in oil.  Having noticed that they do indeed have a grill (Grilled tomatoes on their menu) I asked if I could please have my Bacon cooked on that.
Quite simply I was told no!  My husband is a chef and even he said that was ridiculous, it’s a simple request and Chefs normally cook food to how the customer requires it as long as they have the means to do so.
In all due respect, it wasn’t the Chef who had said no, it was the waitress.

I ordered myself a black coffee and my husband had a breakfast Stack (Breakfast Roll).  Having to sit there and watch him eat the lovely smelling food was a bit hard but I managed it (All the sulking kept me busy lol).

Think I should go to every cafe/bar/restaurant in town and blog about which ones will accommodate to their customers needs haha.

So far The Cafe in the middle of Queensgate indoor market are very helpful and so is Bar 36 (along the road where Kingsgate is, used to be called ‘Breads’), both have lovely staff too 🙂