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We all have different budgets and I am on a low one, so it’s important to me to make sure I find the cheapest products without effecting the taste of things.

It’s cheaper to go to your local markets for our fruit and veg.  It costs a lot less than they would in supermarkets.  I can go to our Open Market and buy a weeks worth of food for £10 to feed the 4 of us.  In a supermarket, I’m looking at two-three times the cost.
Make sure you find out WHEN the Fruit and Veg stall get their new stock in.  Our one in town restocks on Saturdays and Tuesdays, so Monday and Wednesday the stock isn’t at it’s best.  Also putting the fruit and veg in the fridge helps keep a little longer.

Also I have found that Halal meats from a proper Halal Butcher is a lot cheaper than supermarket meats, I can actually afford Lamb now!  Just depends how people feel about the slaughter of animals.

Go to supermarkets at different times of the day and learn when they put out their reduced items.  For instance, my Asda will put it out in the morning so going down after the school run is a good idea.  My Tesco will put stuff out at the end of the day and as each passing hour goes they knock another 10% off and later on they knock off more.  (Starts at 7pm).  Sainsburys are throughout the day but I’ve found more during the day.  I’ve been known to go to all 3 in the same day on my skint days.

Any more tips you’d like to share with me and my followers then please do 🙂

EDIT:  Just found this about the storage of Vegetables to help keep them a bit better, it’s worth a look:  http://www.bargaineering.com/articles/fruits-vegetables-fresh-long.html