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One of my best types of food is Fish and of course on the Extra Easy option of Slimming world I can eat as much of it as I want as long as it’s not in oil or cooked in oil (Fish covered in certain sauces and crumbs have different Syn values so make sure you check them).

I had to take my 5-year-old son to the doctors (all ok) and went to Morrisons to get some lunch as a treat for him being ever so brave.
He wanted the chicken nuggets but when he saw my salmon with salad he said he wished he’d have chosen what I have 🙂
I don’t normally cook him processed foods, that’s because of MY preference but he has it at school but he does eat fruit at times for dessert at school rather than a cake 🙂

Anyway, back to the dieting, I ordered the salmon with salad and else where on the menu it had ‘steamed’ fish so I wrongly assumed that a Salmon SALAD would be healthy with STEAMED fish but I was wrong, it was swimming in oil!  At first I thought maybe it was water but no, it was definately oil 😦
I ate it though because I was hungry and I paid for it, I had already been fussy and asked for them not to put the lemon and dill or hollandaise sauce on it and didn’t want to moan about it, I’ll just learn for next time lol.

While I was shopping around, my son was being very helpful to increase my food shopping bill for me, but I can’t complain because most of the stuff he chose was Fruit and Veg, bless him, I’m very lucky my kids love healthy foods.
He did beg me for some mini doughnuts though so I’ve allowed him them to share with his sister when she finishes school.
I’ve eaten one of them as a part of my Syns and they were 2.5 Syns.  We’re told to eat some Syns (between 5-15) each day and this is so we don’t feel too deprived from the bad foods and I totally agree!  Every diet I’ve done I’ve allowed myself a treat every other day or something, if we don’t do this then we’re most likely to binge eat on the foods and have that all too familiar feeling of ‘Oh well, I’ve done this now, might as well carry on eating it all’ and then feeling utterly useless and either packing in the diet or eating because we feel upset/sad, the ‘Why Bother’ moment creeps into our heads.  I’ve been there many of times and I must remember that we ALL have blips and the secret is it brush it aside and start again 🙂

We’ve both had a nice walk today, an hour walking to the doctors at his speed, and about an hour walking around Morrisons (Taxi home though, I’m not going to walk home with a load of bags, I’d end up throwing a tantrum as big as my sons and leaving it all on the pavement and sulking all the way home lol)

We have some crisps here at home and so I’ve had one packet thinking it wouldn’t be so bad on the Syns but I really should have checked FIRST lol.  Seabrooks Crisps are 8.5 Syns per bag, these were 2 chilli flavour so goodness knows how many more syns they may have been…..Oops.
Well, I’m at 11 Syns today but stopping at that as I’ve no idea how much oil was on the Salmon earlier.

Tonights Dinner will be Steamed Basa with veggies and Slimming world Chips.