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Today’s Food and Fitness Diary:

I keep forgetting to fill in my food diary so I thought I’d do it on here as I always remember to come onto WordPress.

HEALTHY EXTRA A:  Haven’t had any

HEALTHY EXTRA B:  Scan Bran (Only had 2 though)

Breakfast:  2 Scan Bran with Fat Free Natural Cottage Cheese.

Lunch:  Salmon with Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Peppers.

Dinner:  Jacket Potato with Homemade Vegetable Curry (Tomatoes, Bullion, Cauliflower, Tomato Puree, Brocolli, Peppers, Onion, Potato, Mild Curry Powder, Paprika)

Snacks:  Pineapple, Grapes

Syns:  Seabrooks Potato Crisps 2 Chillis (8.5 Syns).  Alpen Light Double Chocolate (3 Syns).  Mini Doughnut (2.5 Syns)

Total Daily Syns:  14 Syns


Today I have walked a total of 3 hours with 2×15 minute breaks in between.  I need to do some more toning exercises as my greatest fear is having lose excess skin.


SUPERFREE FOODS (Such as Fruits and Veggies).  FREE FOODS (Such as Meats and Fish).  FREE FOODS (Such as Potatoes, Pasta & Rice).  OTHER FREE FOODS (Such as Fat Free Yogurts, Fat Free dressings etc).  SYNS (All the bad foods.  Up to 15 Syns per day).