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Quark is a virtually fat free Cream Cheese.  Some people like it, some don’t but I love it!  I will be honest though, it reminds me more of a natural yogurt but it’s nice 🙂

A big thank you to my Dalton Consultant Sue for letting me put this on my blog.  I think it will help others when trying to make meals.

‎12 ways with Quark

1.  Mixed with sweetener substitute for cream. add strawberries! delish and free!

2.  Add 1 egg and equivalent in tablespoon of quark and whisk to make a batter.  Syn free pancakes – add sweetener for sweet or herbs for savoury!!!

3.  Whisk with eggs and stir in cooked pasta, onion, mushroom, bacon = carbonara.

4.  Eton mess (3 syns) merinuge.Mix with sweetener and strawberries.

5.  Add choc options and sweetener = choc mousse.(2 syns)

6.  Add stockpot to a level tablespoons quark and pour over meat for syn free sauce.

7.  Mix with nutella( 4.5 syns per level tablespoon) and great topping for a dessert.

8.  Crumble a Bag of mini Maltesers (4.5 syns) with 3 level tablespoon quark for truly lighter way to enjoy a dessert!

9.  Mash tin peas and add basil and grated garlic and stir in Quark for Cheats ‘Peasto’, fab sauce for pasta and salad.

10.  Stir tablespoon into a curry at the end to make it creamy!!!

11.  Stir into porridge OR cereal as alternative to milk!

12.  Stir into Soup for a creamy finish!