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The last 2 weeks I’ve lost weight but I’ve slipped up a bit and so I’d like to have a week where I am 100% focused on it!  Small amounts of Syns each day although I do wonder if I would lose more if I leave Syns out completely.  I think I will try and save most of my syns in case I have a bit of a food meltdown.

I’ve had my 2 Hi-Fi Light bars this morning after weigh-in and I’ve not really eaten much for lunch as I was in a rush so I had beetroot and cottage cheese (Not a great meal I know).  Tonight I’ve had Liver, Bacon and Onions with Slimmers World Chips which I’ve never done before and I must admit I’m VERY happy with my chips 🙂

I need more fruits and veggies in.  I buy my veggies from the open market where they are cheaper than supermarkets and once the Sunday comes I’ve run out of fruit and veg.

Finding it a bit weird not to have a sandwich for lunch as I tend to have the fibre bars or rivita for breakfasts.

Not struggling with lack of alcohol.  I’m not a big drinker anyway, I’m more of a social drinker.  We had friends round last night and I stayed on Diet Pop and it was fine, still had a laugh.  I will have a glass of something on special occasions like Christmas etc.
Talking about Christmas, I can’t believe I will be able to eat a Christmas Dinner Syn Free/Low Syn!  I’m excited about it even though we’ve got 6 months from today.