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Secret Weigh in this week which means we get weighed but it’s covered up so we’ve no idea until our consultant announces it – scary!
People who don’t stay on and leave after weigh in can find out their weight straight away.

I was dreading it, although, saying that, I can now button up the bottom of my coat, so to be honest I wont be too upset if I’ve gained because the changes are already happening in my body, small but fantastic changes 😀

START WEIGHT (11/06/2012):  16st 1lb

TODAYS WEIGHT:  15st 10lbs  (I’ve lost 3lbs this week 🙂


I am MEGA happy!  I could feel my face go red with the amount of smiling I was doing!
Just goes to show, that even if you do have a slip up during the week, that shouldn’t be a reason to pack it all in, you just start a fresh the next hour/day.

2 more pounds to lose and I reach my half stone stage 😀  Half a stone in 3 weeks would be great!!