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Pinched this off a wonderful lady Roz V on http://www.minimins.com

Use the Scan Bran as your Healthy Extra B Choice and it’s all free.  Remember if you’re on Extra Easy these 5 Scan/Oat Brans will be your total daily ‘B’ allowance.

5 Scan Bran or Oat Bran (from SW, some Holland & Barrat or Waitrose)
2 large carrots (about 150 gms) finely grated or whizzed in a mini chopper
7 tbsp low calorie sweetener
3 eggs, beaten
3 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground nutmeg (or 1 tsp ground all-spice)

Pour boiling water over the Scan Bran, leave for 1 minute then drain and mash
Mix the Scan Bran, carrot, sweetener and spices, stirring very thoroughly
Add the beaten eggs, and stir until completely mixed
Tip the mixture into a microwaveable dish – we’ve now ‘standardised’ on a Sainsbury’s Basics 1litre container, which is approx 18 ½ cm x 13 ½ cm by 5cm deep, and gives excellent results
Microwave on high for about 12 minutes – it should shrink a bit from the sides

That’s it – quick and easy and tasty too!

I’m sure that others of you can come up with suggestions for different, totally free flavourings. Please do share!!!

Many people said to put a layer of Quark with Vanilla Essence so it will be nice and creamy too 🙂