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I’ve done this for a while and it’s made no difference to the taste of things.  I’ve never been one to use oil, don’t and wont own a deep fat fryer, so I will dry fry or use a bit of water.  Water helps the food not to stick to the pan.

You might be eating more eggs than you normally do so with scrambled eggs, put whisked eggs into a microwavable dish and microwave for 1-2 mins at a time and stir.  This method means it wont stick to the dish.  In a pan you find the eggs sticking to the pan and it’s a nightmare to scrub off.

Porridge, instead of putting cold milk in the pan with the oats, pour in HOT milk, this will mean your porridge doesn’t stick to the pan either, making it easier to clean afterwards.

You can still enjoy many currys, just substitute the cream for fat free yogurt.  It tastes basically the same and it’s healthier and depending on the type of curry you make, it can be Syn Free.

Any more tips, PLEASE share with me and my followers 🙂