Image borrowed until I make my own 🙂

I don’t mean to Borrow other peoples recipes, but it will help me and others and I will always credit the original author 🙂

This one is from someone called Jo –

You need:

1 packet of mr mash or asda smart price instant mashed potato( both syn free)
1 cake tin
herbs of your choice; basil/parsley/coriander
42g of low fat cheese or 57g of low fat mozzarella (USE AS A HEALTHY EXTRA ‘A’ OR 6 SYNS)
1 garlic clove,crushed

1.  Make up the mash with cold water according to packet instructions.  You can use 300mls of cold water to save waiting for it to cool. The mixture needs to be a very doughy consistency, you should be able to squash it into a ball.

2.  Spray the cake tin with frylight then press the mash down until its flat and covers the tin.

3.  Place in the oven on gas mark 7 and cook until just turning golden brown, then turn over and sprinkle herbs and rub crushed garlic over the base and spray with frylight.

4.  Place back in the oven and brown the other side.

5.  Once the other side is brown sprinkle 42g low fat cheese ontop and put back into the oven until the cheese has melted.

6.  Cut into sections and serve ♥