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Oops.  This week all I’ve craved are the bad foods.  Biscuits, crisps, chocolate etc and yesterday I gave in and ate a load of biscuits.

Oh the lovely crunch, the taste of bourbon biscuits and custard creams, the smell, the texture!  All short lived because I felt like crap afterwards and wondering what on earth I had done that for!

I’ve found that I’m an emotional eater.  I was upset yesterday and so I ate, ergh what a numpty!

Once, when I was an older teen my sister called me fat.  I shouted at her and went off upset and you know what I did!?  Exercised until I felt sick?  No, I stuffed my face with a Mars Bar lol.  Terrible.

I would like to go out and walk but this weather is awful!  It’s non stop raining and not good for walking in.  My shoes are soaked from yesterday as I decided I WOULD walk in the rain.

Fingers crossed for a better week!