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Seem to have a bit of a sweet tooth today.  I’ve been really good and haven’t been drawn into temptation but I could do with something low Syn and sweet.

Also cakes, there must be some recipes for Extra Easy on Slimming world for a cake.   There is a cake that uses potatoes (I think instead of the flour), and then there is the courgette cake which I think is to use them instead of butter….so I wonder if BOTH can be used and then use sweetener instead of sugar and a topping using quark (virtually fat free cream cheese) and vanilla essence…..
I have courgettes and the potatoes, so I might do a bit of an experiment.  How great would that be!!  A cake which is SYN FREE!.

EDIT:  I’m now thinking that it will probably just end up as a great big mush lol.