This diet is just so good.  I don’t have to weigh out my portions, I don’t need to count points and I’m not living on shakes.

All my meals I make can be adapted to suit the diet and I’m never hungry.  At first I was eating loads and always feeling hungry but now I’m eating my portions and not feeling empty all the time.

I’m very happy with my weigh in today, I was very surprised that I lost 2lbs.  I think the regulars must be able to pin-point the members who have had a few little naughty bites of something as I was stood there biting my nails and looking nervous with all the other nervous faces queing up to get weighed.

Next week we’re having a ‘Secret Weigh in’ which I think will end up showing big losses as we’re all on our best behaviour.  Basically our group leader will cover the scales so we don’t know what we weigh and we’re not allowed to weigh ourselves at home so we’ll have absolutely no clue as to if we’ve got a loss, gain or maintain.
That’s put me into motivation mode as I don’t want to be embarrassed with a gain in front of the entire room lol.

Breakfast I can have 2 wheetabix with milk and sweetner, or I can have fat free yogurt like muller lights with a load of fruit, I can even have 2 slices of bread/toast with marmite one.  All of which I enjoy eating,

Lunch I could have a tuna salad, homemade soup with veggies and meats (LOVE Bacon, Butter bean and parsley soup).

Dinner I can have my chilli con carne with my rice (Extra lean mince fry light or dry fry it), or I can have a chicken curry using fat free yoghurt instead of cream or I can use a tomato based sauce.

For snacks I can have fruits, meats (not fried in oil and the fat trimmed off), 0% fat yoghurt, veggies, noodles, rices like Bachelors Rices, fish including crab sticks etc.

The other thing I’m noticing is that I’m not as bloated as I normally am.  I noticed on the weekend when I had the ice cream sundae that my stomach was hurting me so much after half an hour of eating it – not good!