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Despite being overweight I do actually enjoy exercise.  I love to walk, I love swimming and I love the gym.  I don’t particularly enjoy running but WHEN I become slimmer I will indeed undertake the horrible activity.

I’ve got a gym membership and I need to pay for this months.  I’m going to do a lot more swimming.  I’m already walking loads more.  Monday I walked for approximately 4 hours, Tuesday I walked 6 hours and Wednesday I walked another 5 hours.  I’ve done only an hour or so yesterday and today.

My son is going to a birthday party tomorrow for his school friend at a well known fast food restaurant.  I will have my daughter with me so I don’t know what to do for the following hour or so.  There is a cinema so I could take her there and blindfold myself when walking past the lovely salted popcorn.  Or there is swimming I could do, but I have a feeling it’s only swimming lessons on the Saturday.  Definitely not going to have my lunch in the restaurant.  Paying £7 for a salad is not my kind of thing lol.