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I’m finding it a little difficult when I’m out and about trying to keep with the slimming World Diet.  I’m managing it but I need to research when going to new areas.

I’m finding that most places are accommodating and will make something off of the menu as long as they have the ingredients which is good.  Such as asking for a plate of salad instead of a salad sandwich, or asking for bacon to be grilled not fried.

I have been finding that many things have been ready made prior to opening the cafe.  I would like a Mayo-less Tuna and a Jacket Potato but the Tuna comes ready made with the Mayo.

I had to have blood tests today for something and I wanted to put up my energy levels as I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to needles and all I could find in the hospital cafe that I could have were blackened bananas – not very appetising.  I had to go to a shop quickly and find myself a fat free yoghurt.

Most cafes do have healthier options and an adaptable menu.