So I’m doing the Slimming World Diet and I’m on Extra Easy because that’s the one they put you on when you first sign up as it’s easier to remember.

If I’m honest, this diet is very much the same as the diets I have normally done.  I’ve done the calorie counting and have eaten 1200kcals a day and found I was becoming a bit too strict and was struggiling to get past 1000Kcals a day – Not good!
I’ve also done my own diet where I don’t eat ‘obvious fats’.  I’ve eaten good portion sizes and I’ve avoided fats like oil and butters, no chocolates or crisps etc.  Basically avoiding all the things we know are bad for us.  That diet was fine, I enjoy home cooking so was making lovely meals as I normally do anyway.

With Slimming world though, you have 3 different food days that you can choose from.  Original (Red Day), Green and Extra Easy.
I can see how Red and Green days work because they’re not mixing the proteins (Red days you can eat as much meats and fish and fruit and veg) with the carbs (Green days you can eat as much rice, pasta, beans, potatoes fruit and veg as you want), but when you come to Extra Easy you can have unlimited amounts of both proteins AND carbs.  I can’t get my head around it.
I started on Monday so we’ll see what happens on my weigh in in the next few days and hopefully I’ve lost something.
Although I’m on Extra Easy I think I will limit my carb intake and not have unlimited amounts.

People there have lost stones!  One lady has lost a few stone in a few months too!

I’m doing loads more walking too.  I walked 3 hours yesterday, 6 hours the day before and about 4 hours on the Monday.

Shopping has been a bit weird.  I usually buy fresh stuff anyway but I buy the value mince which contains LOADS of fat so I must lose weight just by getting the extra lean meats now, every little helps lol.
I want to buy a few little things where I can quickly pop something in the microwave or something, but I’ve no idea what ones are good and what ones are bad.
So far my fridge and freezer are filled with lean meats, veggies, fruits, fat free yogurts etc.   I already have loads of herbs and spices, tinned tomatoes etc so most of my dishes will be tomato based.  Any recipes which have cream in I will just put in the fat free yogurt instead.

Anyone else on Slimming world, please share your experiences 🙂